Trucks & Equipment


Valley Sand & Gravel owns and operates a large and growing fleet of equipment to handle any task. From construction equipment to hauling and earth moving, we’re ready for it all. Much of our equipment is available by special request on any job. For more information, please inquire at our contact page.

End Dumps

Valley Sand & Gravel operates a large fleet of end dump trucks. These trucks deliver our high quality sand and gravel products throughout the Helena area providing the perfect product for your landscaping or construction needs.

Our belly and side dumps provide a way of placing material over longer distances and in greater amounts without the hassle of repositioning an end dump. These trucks are perfect for any construction job and especially well suited to road work.

Belly/Side Dumps

Transfer Trucks/Trailers

We operate transfer trucks/trailers to assist in equipment and large project moving.

Water Trucks

Our custom branded water truck provides on-site dust suppression critical to working in hot, dry environments like Montana. It also provides moisture to gain compaction when doing road work.

We operate three spreader trucks. These trucks use a conveyor arm to help spread materials over any location at your worksite. They are perfect for hard to reach jobs to ensure that materials are distributed evenly and exactly where they need to be.

Spreader Trucks

Front End Loaders

Our front end loaders are the backbone of our quarry operation. We operate three separate loader models:

•  CAT 938 Loaders
•  CAT 972 Loaders
•  CASE 921 Loaders

Our skid steer loader, the “bobcat” is perfect for smaller jobsites where larger loaders are out of the question. We use our skid steer loaders to assist in both the removal of old material and the placement of new.

Skid Steer Loader


We operate one CAT 14 blade, perfect for grading roads and ensuring flat and usable surfaces at any construction site.

Our excavators are prepared for heavy duty operation on any jobsite. We own a Case 9040D and Cat 311 excavator, each with different features and specifications to tailor to your exact needs.



Our backhoe is designed for dual operation in earth moving and earth molding operations. We have different attachments available to ensure it is up to the exact specifications your worksite demands.

Our CAT roller is perfect for heavy duty compaction either prior to foundation laying or in road preparation and maintenance. It allows us to handle even the most demanding jobs with ease.